Countertop Water Filter System

Purify Water Without Stripping Important Minerals

More people are making the switch from bottled water to purified tap water. It produces less waste and is much more affordable over time. All tap water can be at risk of containing bacteria and parasites, but municipal water contain even more items that should be filtered. This is because of the processes that are required to make the water clean enough for people to drink. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts, not everything is removed and further contamination can occur, particularly in homes with older plumbing.

Some choose to have an in-line water filter installed, but this purification method can be expensive. It often requires paying a plumber to install the unit. When renting a home rather than owning, this may not be possible or convenient. In addition, this type of filtering system is only good for water poured from the tap at home.

A Countertop Water Filter System is portable and simple to use. It can move with the owner if another home is purchased, or when on a picnic or camping. Because it requires no power source to operate, it ensures that people can have clean water, even during power outages. Its powerful filtering system makes it easy for everyone to have clean, pure and great tasting water anywhere.

This type of filter is different from the reverse osmosis systems that many are choosing to use. What Reverse Osmosis Removes are the chemical additives that are used to clean the water. This includes fluoride and chlorine. It can also remove lead, mercury and cadmium. These are all commonly found in the water, but especially water that runs through older plumbing. There is a large list of the many other minerals that are removed, as well. Unfortunately, many of these minerals are actually needed by the body and with a reverse osmosis system there is no way to differentiate between them.

Instead, a more healthful option is a purifier that will kill all harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites. Specific filters can be used to remove fluoride and other heavy metals, without stripping the water entirely. The final product is a sparkling clean water that is not just safe, but tastes better than bottled or tap water ever will. Before investing in a reverse osmosis system or spending money to hire a plumber to install a filter, find out more about the easy and affordable options available.